You can feel less anxious and overwhelmed

Are you feeling tired of struggling with anxiety, overwhelming stress, low self-confidence, or negative thinking? Not feeling like yourself these days, or have you been ignoring the anger, fear, and resentment building inside of you so long you don’t even know who you are anymore?

If you’re like the clients who come to see me, you’ve probably known for quite a while in your gut that something isn’t right, that you’re not really feeling happy, but you chose not to look at it because you’ve thought it would be too painful to face, or it seemed like you’d have to take drastic steps that you didn’t know if you would follow through with. But then, something happens that tips the scale and you realize that all of the frustration, anxiety, hurt, negative self-talk, and everything you’ve been ignoring is starting to bubble up to the surface, calling for your attention.

You may be feeling lonely, with the people around you not really knowing the truth about what you’re feeling and thinking inside. You’ve kept it hidden so long, even from yourself. Perhaps you’ve read the self-help books and listened to podcasts, trying to find the answer, but they don’t know you and none of it really helps.

Maybe your friends are frustrated by hearing you still complaining about your relationship. Their solutions never work and they don’t see the underlying reasons you’re still in it. You might not be clear for yourself why you’re so drawn to keep trying. Or your partner isn’t willing to go to couples therapy with you and you’re doing all the work to try to fix things. You know that you shouldn’t be yelling and fighting with each other this often, and with each argument you end up feeling less clarity and more confused.

All of this pain has meaning. It’s here to help you grow.

I believe that our emotions, all of them, are meant to guide us toward what we need and want, so that we can be happy and confident in every situation. In individual therapy, you’ll learn how to harness the power of your emotions to get you on the path to healing. You’ll learn how to clarify your true needs, how to prioritize them, and you’ll learn the steps to finally get your needs met.

I think that therapy is the greatest investment you can make in yourself. In every session, I’ll be right there with you, at your pace and readiness, to understand all of your thoughts and feelings, and to make sense of where you are and what you want for yourself. I won’t be a blank slate and we won’t get stuck in your past. It’s almost always so much easier than you’d imagine. We’ll uncover your unused strengths and amplify them and I’ll teach the secrets to being kind and loving to yourself, so you can finally begin to calm the negative self-talk.

Our Therapy Sessions Will Help You If…

  • You have anxiety, fear, negative thinking, and feeling like you’re out of control
  • You have intrusive, negative thoughts and nothing seems to really stop them
  • You’re under stress, or feeling like you put yourself last and need good boundaries
  • You’re arguing with your partner/spouse, and you want to be heard and understood
  • You want to heal your past trauma and move on with your life
  • You want to have the great love of all – with yourself


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