You’re ready to ditch the constant anxiety and stress and live the life you deserve.

Are you feeling tired of struggling with anxiety, overwhelming stress, low self-confidence, or negative thinking? Not feeling like yourself these days, or have you been ignoring the anger, fear, and resentment building inside of you so long you don’t even know who you are anymore?

You can feel less anxious and overwhelmed

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Yet, somewhere along the way, you realized you were burning out. You started feeling exhausted and cynical about the direction of your career and its impact on your personal life. You’re recognizng that the amount of pressure you now face is more than you were prepared for. You feel like you’re lacking some tools to handle the people in your life and the situations that keep coming up. You know that you have some things to work on in order to have the personal and professional lives you really want for yourself.

So here you are, your personality and your relationships are being held hostage by stress and you’re afraid you’re never going to break free.

A lot of the time you feel stuck and you’re not sure what your next steps are. Sometimes it seems like every day is a repeat of the last. You’re frustrated that things are so much harder than they should be.

That’s not to say your work and life were always in balance. There were extended periods in which you’ve overworked in order to meet a deadline or complete a project. But you never thought you’d be so on edge. What you didn’t expect was how you could feel like you’re about to implode at any moment. You never predicted you’d be so pessimistic, feeling like you’re not yourself anymore, and not feeling the confidence you expected to feel. You had no idea your stress would last this long and that your work and personal relationships would have so much tension. And you certainly didn’t expect your drive to achieve to keep you from feeling happy, successful, and fulfilled in your relationships.

I Can Help You When You’re Struggling With…

  • Clarify your personal values and desires so that your daily choices always move you toward your most important goals.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate anything with anyone so that you can deeply understand and be understood by others.
  • Learn to trust yourself and your decisions so that you can manage every situation confidently.
  • Learn how to use every emotion to your advantage so that every difficult experience creates even more positive growth.
  • Begin to authentically increase your confidence so that you can navigate through any stress that comes your way.

The Therapy Process

Individual therapy (a.k.a counseling) will help you reduce your stress and improve your relationships, so that you can confidently begin designing your new normal. You and I will meet together weekly for 50 minutes and you will begin to create the changes that are most important to you.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK ONE: Intake: During this initial session, we define the counseling relationship and discuss the details of informed consent and confidentiality. I gather information about you, your family members, and your biological, psychological, and social history and how this is impacting your current situation. We will have a basic understanding of what you’re going through now and what’s most important and urgent to focus on. We will also discuss the goals you have going forward, and the steps we will take to reach them. You’ll also walk away with some tips to begin using immediately.

WEEK TWO and Beyond: Individual Therapy Together, in each subsequent session, I will use evidence-based psychotherapy models to address your current emotional and cognitive states, what you have worked on since the previous meeting, and how they’re affecting your life personally, socially, and at your work. This typically includes Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, effective communication skills, Positive Psychology, self-soothing methods, and other needed tools to treat the struggles you are experiencing.

As your therapist, I keep in mind your overall goals for therapy and make sure that what we’re working on and where we’re going together lead us toward those goals.

CLOSING: 1-2 Final Sessions In our final sessions, we will review your goals to ensure you are satisfied with your counseling experience and that our work together has met your expectations. We will also outline a plan going forward so that you are able to retain what we have worked on together and implement all you have learned in therapy.

My approach to working with you is based on:

  • Your individual goals
  • Your individual history and needs
  • Over 20 years of consistent training, research, and successful therapy outcomes


Call me at (310) 776-2667 or click below to use the scheduler and book a complimentary 20-minute discussion. I will call you at the time that you choose and we will discuss how I can help you overcome your current challenges, plan your goals for the next chapter in your life, and create the happiness you want.

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