You've worked hard to get where you are in life, yet your intimate relationship feels disconnected, frustrating, and unhappy. You’re looking for couples therapy to help reignite your passion, connection, and love for each other.

You had an inkling that your career focus and tendency to work harder than most would impact your relationship. You used to feel like you were a strong team together, even though you had a stressful work life. But over time, your relationship became more strained as well, and you both ended up feeling less connected and playful.

Your connection and communication wasn’t always this difficult…

When you felt hurt or disrespected, you were more patient and sometimes you felt like you got over it on your own. There were so many things you loved about your partner that you let a lot of things slide and chose to be hopeful about the good aspects of the relationship. It wasn’t like you to blow people off for being imperfect. In fact, you had some good talks about your difficulties, and things often improved over time.

Yet, eventually, you began to find yourself shutting down more and more often because you didn’t want to have another argument. Time and again, you held in more anger in order to prevent another blowout or silent treatment. But the suppressed feelings would eventually explode into another argument.

Sometimes in those arguments you ended up getting frustrations off your chests and that helped you both make important changes. And other times they made you feel worse. You felt more misunderstood, judged, even controlled. Now the pattern of holding in, acting out, and exploding in anger makes you question if there’s any real chance of having true understanding and easy communication together.

Now here you both are, each afraid you’re never going to feel that passion for each other again, never going to feel that playful connection, and won’t be really happy together.

A lot of the time you feel defeated and you’re not sure if there’s hope for you two. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never get your needs met in your relationship. You’re exhausted from walking on eggshells, feeling misunderstood, the finger-pointing, and the score-keeping. You’re married to a wonderful person and have every reason to be happy together, and yet somehow things have deteriorated into something you don’t even recognize anymore.

Of course, you knew that your relationship wouldn’t be perfect. And every couple goes through difficult times as well as amazing ones, and your partnership is no exception. But you didn’t expect that you would be questioning whether you’ll ever be happy in it, or whether it’s even sustainable. What you didn’t expect was that you would feel so alone. You never predicted you’d feel so disconnected and that you’d deal with it in ways you’re so not proud of. And you had no idea that these issues would keep you from having the sexy, intimate connection you’ve always wanted to have together.

In Couples Therapy at WebPsych, You Will Learn to…

Prioritize your Relationship

You will learn to refocus on your most important relationship, even if have a busy schedule or you’ve felt distant, so that you continually nurture more love and connection.

Communicate with Ease

You will learn powerful, confident, and calming communication so that you can always get your needs met and your voice heard in your relationship.

Turn Differences into Connection

You will learn to understand and embrace the differences in your perspectives, opinions and ways of being so that they actually make you feel closer and more connected.

Nurture your Together/Apart Sweet Spot

You will create a balanced amount of time together and time apart, so that you can be the most supportive to each other while bringing more energy to the relationship.

Cultivate more intimacy and passion

You will learn how to ignite the intimacy and passion you want so that you can relish feeling loved, excited, and “at home” with your partner, in and out of bed.

Create more playfulness and fun together

You will create more opportunities and activities to enjoy your lives and relationship together so that you’re always increasing the flow of positive energy between you.

The WebPsych Therapy Process

Couples Therapy is intended to bring you and your partner together to help you get to the bottom of your disconnections so that you can reignite the ganas in your love and partnership. Together, we will get clear on what’s happening and what you’re wanting for your relationship. The three of us will meet weekly for 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions, giving you consistent momentum toward the connected and loving relationship you both deserve.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK ONE: Intake

During this initial session, we define the counseling relationship and discuss the details of informed consent and confidentiality. I gather information about each of you, your family members, and your biological, psychological, and social histories and how they are impacting your current relationship. We will discuss the changes you want to make in your relationship, and the steps we will take together to reach them. We will all have a basic understanding of what’s happening in your relationship and you’ll walk away with some tips to begin using immediately.

WEEK TWO and Beyond: Couples Therapy/Counseling

Together, in each subsequent session, I will use couples psychotherapy models to address your recurring patterns and challenges in your relationship, what you have worked on since the previous meeting, and we’ll decide what is most important to work on next. This typically includes Gestalt Couples Therapy and Differentiation-Based Couples Therapy, self-soothing methods, assertive communication skills and other needed tools to treat your unique struggles.

As your therapist, I keep in mind your overall goals for your relationship and make sure that what we’re working on will lead us toward those goals. As an active therapist and listener, I will be your guide in working through any rough spots in your relationship as we continue moving toward the loving connection you want to create together.

CLOSING: 1-2 Final Sessions

In our final sessions, we will review your goals to ensure you are satisfied with your couples therapy experience and that our work together has met your expectations. We will also outline a plan going forward so that you are able to retain what we have worked on together and implement all you have learned in therapy.

The WebPsych Mission

As a couples therapist, I help you create a loving, passionate, sabrosa relationship through Gestalt Couples Therapy and Differentiation-Based Couples Therapy. WebPsych helps upwardly-mobile professionals go from feeling disconnected and defeated in their relationships to feeling sustainably loving, communicative, and passionate together. When I work with my couples therapy clients, I use my extensive experience and training in couples therapy along with my experience in working with Latinos, people of color, and others with differences from the mainstream. I help my clients finally get to the bottom of what’s derailing their relationship and get back to prioritizing it into the relationship they deserve. My mission is to support you in transforming your life by creating a supportive, connected, loving relationship with the partner you’ve chosen to live your life with. I’m dedicated to being your guide as you move past your struggles and challenges in order to unlock your fullest potential as a couple. My passion is to share my experience and training so that you can build a life together that is joyful, sustainable, adventurous, and loving.

Would You Benefit from Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy from WebPsych is best for high-achieving and over-achieving people and their partners, who are struggling with disconnection and discord in their relationships. It will help you to get to the bottom of your conflicts and create a life together with more authenticity, passion and deep connection.

You will benefit from couples therapy if:

  • Your relationship feels like it’s taking a back seat to your or your partner’s work.
  • Your or your partner are in a pattern of holding in anger and hurt until you eventually explode it out.
  • You have recurring arguments that don’t get fully settled.
  • You get into power struggles or score-keeping with your partner.
  • You engage in finger-pointing, talking over each other, and fighting unfairly with each other.
  • There are underlying cultural differences between you that become barriers to your connection.
  • You’re no longer having fun, intimacy, or adventure in your relationship.

* There are times you might not be ready for couples therapy with WebPsych. These situations include, but are not limited to, severe mental illnesses and traumas that require inpatient treatment or current substance abuse. If you are currently experiencing any of these, I will provide you with referrals so that you receive appropriate care. If there is current domestic violence, I recommend reaching me about individual therapy at this time.

Where and When Can I Have Couples Therapy Sessions?

When combined with the WebPsych platform, working with me is as easy and convenient as therapeutic support can be. I offer face-to-face virtual work in the comfort of your home or even on vacation. And, you can work with me in a more traditional setting within my office on the westside of Los Angeles. Therapy services are offered Monday through Friday with appointment times that vary from 9am to 7pm Pacific Time. Weekend intensive sessions are available upon request. Virtual/Online sessions are available for all California residents and in many countries outside the United States.

Your Next Steps

It is possible to redesign your relationship with your partner from the inside-out. You will be able to develop the ability to safely deal with the challenges you struggle with together. You will also see that you can stay calm even when having differences and can learn to use each difficult communication to become a more confident, connected partner. Feeling authentically close, passionate, and fun may feel far off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start taking the necessary steps to get your relationship moving in that direction now.

You will learn to know and understand each other on a new level. You’ll be able to make changes that you can both celebrate, encouraging further change and growth. Ultimately, you’ll find a way to move past your hurt and resentment and start feeling the loving connection you always wanted with your partner.

To schedule an appointment for couples therapy, call me at (310) 929-7896 or schedule here today.

“Virtual” Sessions

WebPsych offers virtual (online) therapy in order to bring the highest quality services to busy people. In addition to being the most modern, practical, and convenient delivery of therapy, studies show that it’s often more effective than therapy in person. Increasingly, it’s less sustainable to stop the flow of your day to get yourself ready for a session, drive through congested Los Angeles traffic, find parking, wait for the session time, and then come out of a session to do it again on the way back to your home or office. Online therapy allows you to stay in your personal space, without all the extra steps. You can calmly gather your thoughts before sessions, and instead of getting stuck in heavy traffic afterward, you can think about and integrate what you learned. This thought and memory integration is key to successful and efficient change. Further, the therapy is just as in-depth, action-oriented, and leads to the same goals and achievements as therapy in person. Studies are also showing that the results of online therapy are longer lasting and more satisfying.

When is virtual therapy not appropriate? There are some situations in which virtual therapy is not considered appropriate. Certain types of mental illnesses and serious mental disorders, such as major depression, suicidal thinking, and domestic violence are only appropriate for in-person therapy.