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You’ve worked hard to get as far as you’ve gotten in life, but it’s exhausting. All around you, people with more privilege and opportunities seem to be having a far easier time achieving the happiness and success you strive for.

Like me, you’ve always known that as a Latinx, you’ll have to work twice as hard to get half as far as your white counterparts. It’s maddening.

Here you are, trying to thrive in a world that isn’t set up for your success. So, you keep your head down and work hard again, knowing that it’s what you need to do. But holding in the frustration gets to you when you stop. You find yourself ruminating on negative thoughts and resentments. And that affects your mood, self-confidence, and relationships. Believe me, I’ve been there. And, it was therapy that changed it all for me. Therapy was always my best investment, and I’m passionate about making sure it’ll be your best investment as well.

You need anti-racist, decolonized therapy.

A therapist who doesn’t really understand your culture can’t really understand you. And there’s no book or training that can help them get what it’s like to be BBIPOC (Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color). Our lives and perspectives happen inside of our culture, whether we’re aware of it or not. Without deep understanding, there’s no deep change.

For over 20 years, I’ve been providing culturally-relevant, anti-oppressive, socially-conscious therapy.

I identify as an upwardly-mobile Latino/Latinx/Chicano, and my greatest passion in life is helping other Latinx, and other BBIPOC folx, heal their pasts and thrive in their current lives. Clients of all races have come to my practice and found how deeply affected they are by the racism in our society, especially when they work in white spaces. Much of my work is with clients who have marginalized identities and who striving for better lives for themselves. So much of stress, anxiety, low self-confidence, trauma, and relationship breakdowns are rooted in the early-onset and daily oppression we have endured. It can become so normalized to us that we forget it’s there. We can be at a loss about why we don’t feel the inner freedom or have the outer success that others seem to have.

“Knowledge is acquired through experience. Everything else is information.”
-Albert Einstein

I bring my whole self to every session

My journey of upward-mobility has come with a lot of racial trauma, heartache, and the existential questions of who I am and why I’m here. And, while I’m more trained than most therapists I know, much of what I bring to my clients isn’t from my academic training. My path in life may have started out with feelings of worthlessness, but it has also led me to living a life I truly love – a life that feels free and joyful. On my path, I’ve been all over Latin-America and have spent years there studying indigenous cultures. I’ve sat with shamans talking through the night, worked with ayahuasca and other psychedelics, traveled through the Amazon, and have learned from my fellow Latinx what being Latinx can look like.

At the heart of my personal and professional life is my love for my culture and my dedication to supporting other Latinx

In my upbringing, my family never stopped helping other Latinx. My mother, who was from Mexico, and my father, from East L.A., helped many Mexicans and Central-Americans come to this country. We’d give them a home and find them work, and would assist them in getting established. We’d help young students in Mexico get what they needed to get an education, and we’d take food and clothing there every month to countless people. On a working-class income, we lived very humbly. Yet, we had a mission that was bigger than ourselves – helping other Latinx live better lives.

I became a psychologist because I love carrying the mission forward – in my own way. Like my parents, I support other Latinx thrive in their lives orgullosamente.


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