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I became a psychologist because therapy completed changed my life. Once I experienced the freedom from my own limitations, my lack of self-confidence, my anxiety and hopelessness, I began to thrive far beyond anything I could have imagined. And, I realized that helping others become free - loving their lives and their amazing relationships - was my purpose and my passion in life.

Hi, I’m Dr. Henry Ortiz


I’m a proud Latino who grew up in a working-class family on the eastside of Los Angeles, and a first-generation college student. My journey included hitting rock bottom as a depressed and suicidal young man to finding my own path in life, resulting in a B.S. degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, creating and leading the largest software distribution company in my niche of the software industry, traveling through over 50 countries, becoming an award-winning photographer, and being an avid salsa dancer in the L.A. salsa scene for over 25 years. I cherish every day and I live to help others find their own paths toward become the amazing people they are and enjoying the life they deeply want.

I work with individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, trauma, and relationship distress. I’m a Gestalt psychologist in Los Angeles with over 20 years experience, weaving psychodynamic theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, attachment work, mindfulness, and trauma-informed theories into my work. I provide anti-oppressive, non-pathologizing therapy and see in every client the intersectionality of their race, culture, color, identities, and class, providing essential context in understanding their unique histories and current struggles.

My practice is built on a foundation of inclusivity and social justice.

As a Latinx psychologist, I conceptualize every client and every situation inside of the system in which they live and navigate. Every race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodivergence, body type, and socioeconomic class is welcomed and honored in my practice.

I proudly serve on the following boards:


  • Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles (GPALA): Co-President
  • Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles: Board Member
  • Psychologists of Color, Inc: Board Member
  • American Group Psychotherapy association (AGPA): Board Member


Call me at (310) 776-2667 or click below to use the scheduler and book a complimentary 20-minute discussion. I will call you at the time that you choose and we will discuss how I can help you overcome your current challenges, plan your goals for the next chapter in your life, and create the happiness you want.

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“Henry is one of those fortunate souls that understand the difference between circumstances and character. To the therapeutic and coaching processes, he brings more than education and clinical skills; he brings his remarkable life experience into helping others understand how to become their greatest selves. His intelligence, perseverance and love for others is used to be of service, to make a difference, to help others heal, to assist in the journey of finding richly rewarding lives. He is outgoing, grounded, has healthy pride in his Latin culture and has the greatest love for family and good living. Significantly, he demonstrates the kind of humility that can come out of hitting rock bottom.”

David Harder, Owner at Inspired Work Services

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