You’re ready to strengthen your confidence, master your communication abilities, and have the influence and impact to get to your next level of success.

You’re a high-achieving, hard-working leader, and you want to create value and make a contribution. Like every leader, you want to build more success, feel respected, and get people on-board with your ideas.
Yet, while you need to have one eye on the future, you also need one on the present. With high stakes, a keen eye is needed to spot growing disengagement, resistance, and conflict. Behind-the-scenes positioning and emerging silos result in lower productivity and innovation, and ultimately, lower success.

WebPsych was created to partner with you to clearly see what changes you need to make to become the leader you want to be and have the collaboration and success that you want.

Service Options

WebPsych is the place for cultivating powerful communication, via two services:


Therapy is an in-depth focus on resolving the internal stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and communication difficulties that are preventing you from having the life and the relationships you want. Webpsych offers individual therapy to help you understand your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and communication style, so that you make immediate changes where you need them and boost your natural strengths where they already are. Couples therapy is available to help you and your partner improve the connection, communication, and love in your relationship. Whether you have an urgent issue or an ongoing pattern, WebPsych will teach you the tools to bring back your happiness and ease in life.


Coaching with WebPsych is a highly structured engagement, typically focused on an important and immediate issue that is impacting your leadership at work. Perhaps you want to communicate more powerfully, engage your employees more, reduce conflicts and stress, model a collaborative culture, strengthen relationships, delegate more, increase loyalty, or demonstrate more leadership presence. Maybe you want to get more out of your team, or perhaps you realize that you have a behavioral blind spot that is holding you back or even derailing your career. If you have good intentions, but they’re not resulting in the impact you want to make on others, I have a process and methodology that will guide you toward an efficient, effective, measurable path to results.

Very few psychologists have the skills or training to be a coach, and even fewer coaches have the abilities to give the deep support that psychologists provide. With WebPsych, you get both, so that the psychotherapy has more forward movement and the coaching has more awareness of when and how to slow down or step back in order to make forward motion happen faster.

Meeting Options

If you’re like the clients I see, you’re a high-achiever with a lot of responsibilities and a demanding schedule. Time is your most precious resource. So, deciding on whether you would benefit more from sessions in person or virtually is an important step:

In Person

Meeting in person can certainly feel more intimate and personal. Sitting face-to-face, we can look each other in the eyes, and feel a human connection. Some people are much more comfortable meeting in person. And often, a client may initially come to my office, and then switch to working with me online, with some sessions still in person.

* While there are many benefits to meeting in person, it is increasingly less convenient and less time-efficient for my clients. It can be difficult to get away from the office or house, drive through traffic, find parking, wait for the session to start, and after the session, go back to your home or work. The further you work and live from my office, the more time it can take from your day. And, instead of integrating the session into your mind, memory, and plans after you leave, you’re negotiating through traffic. For many people, it’s simply not the best use of their time and energy. Thus, I currently see a limited number of clients in my office.


Virtual (aka, online) therapy and coaching can take much of the hustle and bustle out of your sessions. At your session time, from the convenience of your home, office, or even while traveling, you simply go online to our secure video platform, via your computer or phone, and we’ll begin our session. When we’re done, you’re ready to take notes or start implementing what we’ve discussed.

For many people, the time saved, the flexibility and convenience, and the ease and flow of virtual therapy and coaching is the main selling point. It can give you the quiet space to consider what you want to discuss before the session, and then allow you to stay in the mental space after to integrate the discussion into your life. That space after sessions helps enormously in retaining what you’ve learned, and can multiply the speed of your progress. It’s one reason why numerous studies show online therapy and online coaching to be even more effective than in-person.

Whether online or in person, therapy can take place in California only, while a coaching client can be anywhere in the world.
Please note: Serious mental health disorders and mental illness are not appropriate for online coaching or online therapy. Those are only appropriate for in-person therapy.

At WebPsych, there’s one thing I know for sure: When you’re willing and ready to clarify both your goals and any obstacles to them, and have a strong partner to guide you forward, you can create the fulfillment and success you’ve dreamed of.


When you’re balancing a lot responsibilities, relationships, and objectives, you need the right tools for the job and the right people to support you. WebPsych’s effective and efficient methodologies will get you authentically grounded and focused on what matters most to you.

Intelligent communication, trusting relationships, and strong vision are the most important elements in achieving extraordinary, sustainable success in business and in life. WebPsych will help you get there. Click below or call (310) 929-7896 to schedule a session today.

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Dr. Henry Ortiz

By the age of 30, Henry co-owned a successful, nationwide software distribution company, which was created by developing a unique business model that disrupted the industry’s status quo. It was soon after graduating from USC’s Business Entrepreneur program that he and his partner had found an unsolved problem in the industry of what to do with excess gaming software that was being replaced approximately every six months. His company gave software developers a new option: instead of paying to have it all destroyed, they could sell it to him for pennies on the dollar, with contracts that protected the software from competing with new titles. The company housed over 500 titles at a time, and placed them in Costco, CompUSA, Fry’s and many other markets, and later began repackaging and licensing programs as well.

But, what Henry learned there most about wasn’t software, or even business. His interest (and struggles) were in leadership communication and the people side of business. He was a young Latino navigating through a very different world than his own. As his company grew, so did his partnerships, and thus so did the culture clashes. Coming from a culture that highly valued communication, ethics, and diplomacy, he felt unprepared for the rough-and-tumble, take-no-prisoners business tactics around him. Narcissism, turf wars, and one-upmanship were powerful forces that he tried desperately to rise above, or at least cope with. In the end, he stepped away from it, and redirected his energies to understanding and helping others who find themselves struggling with poor communication and collaboration, whether it’s from being in toxic environments or from personal limitations that prevent them.

Henry later emerged as a highly regarded clinical psychologist in Los Angeles with a doctorate degree, receiving a summa cum laude distinction. It was a perfect fit for him, and satisfied his deep love for understanding how people work, how to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses, and how to become their best selves and master their internal worlds and external lives and relationships. Thus, he later became an executive coach to better serve his business clients as well.

Henry’s knowledge and skills in communication and psychology, however, have also come from a rich, adventurous, and fun life. He became a theatre actor to learn to get out of his shyness, an advanced world scuba diver because of his fears of being in the ocean, a Krav Maga trainee to increase his physical confidence, an award-winning photographer to express his love of people, focused on timeless moments of connection, and has been an avid salsa dancer in the Los Angeles salsa scene for many years, which started as a way to get comfortable with himself in front of others and became his most consistent way to celebrate his Latino culture. He spends a lot of time with his family and friends, yet has traveled extensively in over 50 countries – trekking through the Himalayas, along the Ganges, and through the Amazon. He’s spent a great amount of time learning about indigenous cultures and various forms of communities and communications throughout the world. Henry brings a world of experience and knowledge to each session and each communication, and shares it with everyone he encounters.

“Henry is one of those fortunate souls that understand the difference between circumstances and character. To the therapeutic and coaching processes, he brings more than education and clinical skills; he brings his remarkable life experience into helping others understand how to become their greatest selves. His intelligence, perseverance and love for others is used to be of service, to make a difference, to help others heal, to assist in the journey of finding richly rewarding lives. He is outgoing, grounded, has healthy pride in his Latin culture and has the greatest love for family and good living. Significantly, he demonstrates the kind of humility that can come out of hitting rock bottom.”

David Harder, Owner at Inspired Work Services

Ultimately, life is about authentically fulfilling our deeper purpose and joy, and sharing it all, while making the world a better place in your own way. You’re ready to start truly nurturing your unique and extraordinary life. Call (310) 929-7896 to schedule a session today.

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