You’re ready to develop yourself personally and professionally, to take your life to the next level. But, the amount of effort it takes to see even the slightest bit of success has you stressed out.

The hard work and constant focus that got you this far are now becoming too much. Your value and your worth feel tied to your accomplishments, so without them you’re not sure you’d know who you are anymore. You believed that someday it would all pay off. That once you reached a certain level of success you could finally relax and enjoy yourself and build the kind of relationships you want. But once you got there, you realized there was always going to be more to do and more to strive for. The fulfillment you were looking for ended up turning into disappointment. After all of your go-getting, you never quite felt quite as confident, accomplished, and connected to others as you’d imagined. Instead, you felt less authentic, less happy, and less like yourself.

Service Options

WebPsych is the place for cultivating a balance of a fulfilling career and a great personal life, via two services:


Perhaps the curve balls of life have been wearing you down, leaving you with anxiety, high stress, depression, anger, or relationship struggles. You’ve tried talking with a friend, you’ve listened to some motivating Ted Talks, and even tried staying busy, hoping it would pass – and none of it has worked as well as you hoped. You’re looking for ways to live your life to the fullest and to have a future that’s meaningful, but there’s some blind spots and old beliefs that are holding you back. When you schedule with WebPsych you will begin the process of developing clarity about what’s going on in your life, what you want, what strengths you already have, and how to handle whatever comes your way.


Or maybe you feel like your success is in a holding pattern. Somehow you got stuck and lost and you’re not performing as you expected, or your work communications are strained and not as supportive as you need. You may have tried different techniques or even a program to help motivate you, but you end up feeling uninspired again. You want to feel energized by your work and that there’s purpose and meaning to it, that it feels like your contribution to the world. When you schedule an initial executive coaching session with WebPsych you will start the process of having a coach who helps you to re-evaluate your plans, goals, values, purpose, and actions. You’ll see that you can enjoy your work and make an impact from it.

Very few psychologists have the skills or training to be a coach, and even fewer coaches have the abilities to give the deep support that psychologists provide. With WebPsych, you get both, so that the psychotherapy has more forward movement and the coaching has more awareness of when and how to slow down or step back in order to make forward motion really last.

Meeting Options

If you’re like the clients I see, you’re a high-achiever with a lot of responsibilities and a demanding schedule. Time is your most precious resource. So, deciding on whether you would benefit more from sessions in person or virtually is an important step:

In Person

Meeting in person can certainly feel more intimate and personal. Sitting face-to-face, we can look each other in the eyes, and feel a human connection. Some people are much more comfortable meeting in person. And often, a client may initially come to my office, and then switch to working with me online, with some sessions still in person.

* While there are many benefits to meeting in person, it is increasingly less convenient and less time-efficient for my clients. It can be difficult to get away from the office or house, drive through traffic, find parking, wait for the session to start, and after the session, go back to your home or work. The further you work and live from my office, the more time it can take from your day. And, instead of integrating the session into your mind, memory, and plans after you leave, you’re negotiating through traffic. For many people, it’s simply not the best use of their time and energy. Thus, I currently see a limited number of clients in my office.


Virtual (aka, online) therapy and coaching can take much of the hustle and bustle out of your sessions. At your session time, from the convenience of your home, office, or even while traveling, you simply go online to our secure video platform, via your computer or phone, and we’ll begin our session. When we’re done, you’re ready to take notes or start implementing what we’ve discussed.

For many people, the time saved, the flexibility and convenience, and the ease and flow of virtual therapy and coaching is the main selling point. It can give you the quiet space to consider what you want to discuss before the session, and then allow you to stay in the mental space after to integrate the discussion into your life. That space after sessions helps enormously in retaining what you’ve learned, and can multiply the speed of your progress. It’s one reason why numerous studies show online therapy and online coaching to be even more effective than in-person.

Whether online or in person, therapy can take place in California only, while a coaching client can be anywhere in the world.
Please note: Serious mental health disorders and mental illness are not appropriate for online coaching or online therapy. Those are only appropriate for in-person therapy.

At WebPsych, there’s one thing I know for sure: When you’re ready, open, and have a strong partner to guide you forward, regardless of your personal and professional obstacles, you can create the thriving life and success you’ve dreamed of. When you’re working too much, super-stressed out, and overwhelmed, it often feels like you have to choose between success and your happiness. This can make you feel even more anxious, depressed, and disconnected from those you love. This doesn’t mean you can’t have all the happiness and growth that you wanted. It may simply mean that you need to collaborate with someone who has the wisdom and experience to help you see things from a different perspective, and who can guide you forward.


The truth is that having both success and happiness is really hard. And it’s normal to struggle in nurturing both, especially when your work environment makes it even harder. Even though you feel stressed and not yourself these days, it doesn’t have to keep you from having the life you want. Instead, you can design and cultivate the type of success and fulfillment you really want for yourself.

Ultimately, life is about authentically fulfilling our deeper purpose and joy, and sharing it all, while making the world a better place in your own way. You’re ready to start truly nurturing your unique and extraordinary life. Call (310) 929-7896 to schedule a session today.

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Dr. Henry Ortiz

At the age of 30, I co-owned a successful, nationwide software distribution company. After graduating from USC’s Business Entrepreneur program, my best friend and I developed a unique business model that disrupted the industry’s status quo. But soon after the money and success began to flow, I was confronted with the emptiness I was previously too busy to feel.

My emptiness was the result of achieving financial success without deeper purpose. I wasn’t making the world a better place, and I achieved it at the expense of watching sunsets and laughing with close friends. I was at last on the other side of having gone through some very difficult periods in my life, and had completely reinvented myself. After all I’d been through, and having come from a highly altruistic, humanitarian family, I felt ready to fulfill my purpose of guiding others in their own reinvented lives and stories of success.

With that in mind, I left my company and entered the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant University, where I received a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate (Psy.D.), at both receiving a summa cum laude distinction.

As a psychologist and coach, I help you navigate beyond your unique challenges and hardships and towards your unique purpose and goals. My style is warm, direct, and honest, advocating for your success and the achievement of your personal and professional goals. My work is created from a modern blend of Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Psychodynamic Therapy, mindfulness, Differentiation-Based Couples Therapy, and Holistic, Values-Based Action Coaching.

“Henry is one of those fortunate souls that understand the difference between circumstances and character. To the therapeutic and coaching processes, he brings more than education and clinical skills; he brings his remarkable life experience into helping others understand how to become their greatest selves. His intelligence, perseverance and love for others is used to be of service, to make a difference, to help others heal, to assist in the journey of finding richly rewarding lives. He is outgoing, grounded, has healthy pride in his Latin culture and has the greatest love for family and good living. Significantly, he demonstrates the kind of humility that can come out of hitting rock bottom.”

David Harder, Owner at Inspired Work Services

Ultimately, life is about authentically fulfilling our deeper purpose and joy, and sharing it all, while making the world a better place in your own way. You’re ready to start truly nurturing your unique and extraordinary life. Call (310) 929-7896 to schedule a session today.

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