You’re a smart leader with ambitious business and teamwork goals, but something is preventing you from getting to the next level. You’re looking for an experienced thought partner to help you brainstorm and break through.

Balancing your business goals with your leadership goals and your work relationship goals can be hard to achieve. And when they’re not all aligned with your values, success factors, and mission, you can feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream.

Future possibilities begin with your current challenges…

Dealing with business obstacles, making tough decisions, and managing the people side of your business weren’t always this complicated. When work became a challenge, you’ve always risen to the occasion. You worked harder and longer, thought though the situation, and chose an action to carry out. You’re resilient, so you didn’t let the difficulties stop you.

Yet, your responsibilities and stressors grew, and working harder was no longer enough. You started to feel less creative, less motivated, and began questioning your real abilities. As your most important goals, vision, and values began to feel unclear, you began having more difficulties managing and motivating others at work. And you began questioning if you’ll ever feel energized by your work, by your purpose there, and the impact you make on others.

Now, you’re worried that your goals are out of reach, you’ll always be a slave to your schedule, and that you’re not going to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Having too much on your plate and feeling overstretched brings out the worst in you, and you’re not sure how to get back on track. Sometimes it feels impossible. You’re tired of being stuck in a holding pattern and what has been a great career path is turning into something you don’t recognize anymore.

Certainly your career path hasn’t always been perfect, and you’re both proud of where you are and at times questioning where you’re going. But you weren’t quite prepared for feeling this overwhelmed with tasks, options, tough decisions, and stressful work relationships. You didn’t expect to feel like you were struggling to stay focused on your goals, values, and on the bigger picture. You strived so long to get where you are that you didn’t realize how hard it would be to deal with all the breakdowns and difficult personalities. You didn’t realize that you’d feel so on edge, tired, and questioning the purpose of it all. You had no idea that having such a responsible position would keep you from feeling happy and confident.

With Executive Coaching from WebPsych, You Will…

  • Get clear on what your, and your company’s, business goals, values, and success factors are so that each step you take moves you effectively toward them.
  • Have a much deeper understanding of where you are currently stuck so that you take the right actions to get you moving forward in your business.
  • Have a confidant who will help you with daily issues, including work stress, decision-making, and communication skills.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence (EQ) so that the human side of your business can fully support you and your company.
  • Have a confidential partner at your side to help you foresee future business possibilities and determine how to turn them into reality with a timeline and solid accountability, to ensure your success.

The WebPsych Coaching Process

Executive coaching at WebPsych is intended to help you, whether you’re an executive or an entrepreneur, achieve your business and teamwork goals. Together we will build lasting change with our exclusive ADAPT approach, by creating a strategic coaching Alliance, collecting needed Data about your current obstacles and goals, developing a solid Action plan, thoughtful Plan execution, and Testing our results against our expectations, and then concluding our arrangement. We will have extended, frequently scheduled consultations during the first three steps of our coaching, and then meet every two weeks thereafter to ensure we get the results you need:

Here’s what to expect:

STEP ONE: Alliance Building
Building a supportive, solid, confidential alliance will be the foundation for our work together:

  • Together we begin by discussing your present challenge(s) and what you currently see as the issues and goals to address.
  • We assess for your coaching readiness, level of engagement, and current motivation.
  • We will review our coaching contract and arrangements.
  • We will develop preliminary goals and outcomes.

STEP TWO: Data Collection and Goal Refinement
In this phase, we dive into a full assessment of your current situation, utilizing interviews, feedback, and assessment instruments, before sharpening and refining your vision:

  • We will broaden our understanding of you, your situation, strengths, environment, values, commitments, key stakeholders, and company mission.
  • I’ll also interview relevant stakeholders, as we deem helpful, such as peers, superiors, and direct reports.
  • I will design an assessment inventory based on your situation and goals, in order to objectively identify your strengths and areas for improvements.
  • I will debrief you on assessment results, based on all data collected to date, in order to have the most full, in-depth, and robust foundation for the remainder of our coaching partnership.
  • We will end up with fully developed aspirational goals and behavioral goals.

STEP THREE: Action Planning
Together, we develop an action plan which will become the blueprint for our coaching:

  • We will identify internal and external obstacles, including personal insights, motivation, skills/capabilities, opportunities to practice new skills, internal and external accountabilities, as well as environmental, interpersonal, and company challenges.
  • We will identify your strengths and abilities from which to build success.
  • We will identify inner work, such as awareness-building practices, to move you forward from the inside-out.
  • We will identify outer work, such as building new behaviors, to create tangible change.
  • We will brainstorm and create an written action plan with challenging but attainable goals, with time frames for specific tasks.

STEP FOUR: Plan Execution
With action steps developed, our focus will now be on executing the action plan:

  • We will meet regularly (typically every two weeks) to review your progress, practice new behaviors and actions together, refining them regularly, assessing what is needed to keep you on track, ensure proper support, measuring results, successes, failures, resistances, and other derailing factors.
  • We will check in periodically with key supporters and stakeholders.
  • We will recalibrate goals and direction as needed.

STEP FIVE: Test Results, then Refine or Conclude
While we may be refining goals and timelines when necessary, in this final phase we assess the results and overall effectiveness of our coaching engagement:

  • We will measure our coaching outcomes as compared to our action plan, to evaluate expected vs. actual results.
  • We will celebrate your successes together and determine any areas and plans for continued development.
  • We will develop a long-range plan to guide you in continuing to practice the changes you have made.
  • We will create a follow-up support plan to help you maintain your changes and growth.

Executive Coaching is about Planning and Achieving Your Success

As an executive coach, I help you create thriving workplaces that result in extraordinary success, through Holistic, Values-Based Action Coaching, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching, and a variety of other methods. WebPsych helps time-constrained executives and entrepreneurs become star performers by focusing on authentic, people-centered leadership. In working with my coaching clients, I use my extensive experience in human behavior and business to help them achieve their people and performance goals. My mission is to support you in transforming the world through your purpose and value system. I’m dedicated to being your partner as you overcome your struggles and challenges in order to unlock your fullest potential. My passion is to share my experience and training so that you can build a business and a life that is meaningful, impactful, and joyful.

Would You Benefit from Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching from WebPsych is best for extremely busy, high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs who are struggling with personal, interpersonal, goal-attainment, and business challenges in their careers. WebPsych helps you get crystal-clear on where you’re stuck and helps you plan and navigate toward achieving your personal, developmental, and business performance goals.

You will benefit from coaching if:

  • You are feeling unclear about your current or overall goals in your business.
  • You are questioning whether your goals are in line with your deeper values, purpose, and the impact you want to make through your work.
  • You are struggling with conflict or a lack of interpersonal effectiveness in your company.
  • You are feeling burnt out and unsatisfied with your current work and routine.
  • You know that your lack of clear and consistent accountability is preventing you from achieving your goals as quickly as you want.

* Psychotherapeutic issues are not appropriate for executive coaching with WebPsych. These situations include, but are not limited to, mental illnesses, traumas, anxiety or depression disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Executive coaching does not include psychotherapy. If during coaching a need for psychotherapeutic support arises, I will assist you in getting care from a different provider for those particular concerns.

What Does Executive Coaching Cost?

The cost for an executive coaching engagement depends on a variety of factors, such as the length of time to completion, type of coaching, the goals, assessments utilized, and other data collection needed. Once we establish those aspects of our work together, I will provide you with a proposal that includes cost and engagement details. All major forms of payment are accepted.

Where and When Can I Schedule an Executive Coaching Session?

Webpsych offers virtual/online executive coaching sessions, regardless of your location. If you prefer in-person sessions, they are available at my physical location, at WebPsych in the westside of the Los Angeles. Other options can be arranged when requested.

Coaching services are offered Monday through Friday with appointment availability from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, including additional appointments available upon request.

Your next steps

It is absolutely possible to tame your people and performance challenges in order to achieve your larger goals and vision. You will be able to see the bigger picture, along with your internal and external challenges, and pave a better path to success. It may feel overwhelming right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start taking your first steps toward your ultimate goals.

By starting now, you will begin the process of having a confidential partner at your side, assisting you in clarifying where you’re going, getting you excited about your renewed progress, and helping you navigate your business path with more swagger in each step.

To schedule an appointment for individual therapy, call me at (310) 929-7896 or schedule here today.

Your unique situation, strengths, business and teamwork goals will be the starting point for our work together. Goals can be hard to achieve on your own. My job is to help you dramatically shift the odds of success in your favor, by helping you face the difficult patches and obstacles when the going gets tough, and using your strengths to propel you toward your vision.

Why Choose a Coach who is also a psychologist?

Executive coaches typically come from either a business or a psychology background. Often, the most qualified, yet least common, are Psychologists, who have doctorate degrees, about 10 years of education, have performed thousands of hours with clients, have followed strict ethics codes, and have the greatest amount of training of the psychology professions and of any other profession in understanding human behavior, motivation, emotional intelligence, learning, and change. Most coaches have only a business background, though they may have walked in similar executive shoes as you, and that could be very helpful in areas like sales and marketing. Since there is currently no professional licensing requirement, anyone can call him/herself an executive coach.

Why Virtual Sessions?

Virtual coaching offers flexibility. If you’re in Los Angeles, getting away from home or the office, and simply sitting in our heavy daytime traffic often means cancelling appointments or arriving as we shake off the stress of getting to my office. If you need a face-to-face visit at any time, that is always an option. However, virtual coaching can be used in the midst of a jam-packed schedule, on vacation and during business trips.

Virtual coaching also allows my clients to work with me from anywhere in the world. This sophisticated platform offers every client greater continuity, ease and flexibility.

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