You’re a smart leader with ambitious goals, but to make them happen you know you’ll need to communicate more powerfully, improve your leadership presence, reduce conflicts, and increase your influence.

You got to your position with high aspirations and goals, wanting to make a large contribution, and bring real value to your organization. But different personality and communication styles, power struggles, and office politics make you feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream.

Leadership is Built on Influence

The most successful leaders influence others to embrace and implement their ideas. It’s the most important skill for leading employees and getting buy-in with partners and colleagues. Being a leader, you consistently face important and high-stakes conversations, in which you’re either increasing or losing influence with the people you need on your side.

Unfortunately, like most leaders, you probably weren’t taught many higher level leadership communication skills to have the influence and impact you need. To make matters worse, you’re dealing with a lot of different, and often difficult personalities, communication styles, values, beliefs, needs, and goals. These variables can make it hard to get important things done up, down, and across the organization.

By now, you’re worried that it’ll only worsen. That people will continue talking past each other, giving monologues, getting off track in communications, not seeing each other’s perspectives, and that they’re addicted to being right.

But when you learn the art and science to influence, knowing how to manage your own internal thoughts and emotions, understanding what’s really happening with others, and knowing what approaches to use with different people, you can authentically get phenomenal results.

WebPsych specializes in helping leaders and partners communicate to be more influential, powerful, and trusted. We will help you learn the processes and methodologies to go from goals to results. Once you learn these tools, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to get things done, get everyone on the same page, and enjoy your work again.

With Executive Coaching from WebPsych, You Will…

  • Align your intentions with your impact, by engaging other’s heads, hearts, and spirits.
  • Improve your ability to connect, engage, and navigate with your colleagues at each level of your organization.
  • Learn tools of influence, knowing how to choose and structure your approaches depending on who you’re influencing and each situation.
  • Know how to prepare and plan for resistance and objections.
  • Understand and use neuroscience to know how others are feeling and how and when to diffuse resistance and re-engage trust.
  • Have a confidant who will guide you at each step of the way to develop your influence and presence.

The WebPsych Coaching Process

Executive coaching at WebPsych is intended to help you, whether you’re an executive or an entrepreneur, to achieve your goals. Together we will build lasting change with our exclusive ADAPT approach, by creating a strategic coaching Alliance, collecting needed Data about your current obstacles and goals, Assessing and using the data, thoughtful Plan execution, and Testing our results against our expectations, and then concluding our arrangement:

Here’s what to expect:

STEP ONE: Alliance Building
In our first meeting, I’ll orient you to the process we will embark on together. We begin building a supportive, solid, confidential alliance as the foundation for our work together:

  • We will discuss your present challenge(s).
  • Develop your preliminary goals.
  • Assess for your coaching readiness, level of engagement, and current motivation.
  • Review ground rules.
  • I’ll introduce assessments to be used.
  • I’ll introduce your Leadership Dashboard to guide progress toward overall goals.

STEP TWO: Data Collection
Between our first and second session, we will collect additional information in order to develop a full understanding of the issues to work on:

  • You will complete the assessments and Leadership Dashboard.
  • I will interview relevant stakeholders, as we deem helpful, such as peers, superiors, and direct reports.

STEP THREE: Assessment Review and Goal Refinement
Our second session will be an extended session and may likely take more than one meeting:

  • We will review assessments and Leadership Dashboard.
  • Identify internal and external obstacles, as well as environmental, interpersonal, and company challenges.
  • Identify your strengths and abilities from which to build success.
  • Choose one behavior that will have significant impact on performance.
  • Clarify/Refine plan based on assessment results and your input.

STEP FOUR: Plan Execution
We will set up the coaching process and begin the coaching:

  • We will meet weekly for the first three months, followed by meetings every other week.
  • Focus is on key issues you are facing related to your goals, with each session having an expected outcome and ensuring value.
  • We will practice new behaviors and actions together, refining them regularly, assessing what is needed to keep you on track, ensure proper support, measuring results, successes, failures, resistances, and other derailing factors.
  • Monthly reviews, which may involve feedback from relevant stakeholders.
  • Quarterly reviews of your Leadership Dashboard and update as needed.
  • Quarterly reviews to discuss progress and make any mid-course adjustments.

STEP FIVE: Test Results, then Refine or Conclude
While we may be refining goals and timelines when necessary, in this final phase we assess the results and overall effectiveness of our coaching engagement:

  • A final review at the end of six months to review results and determine next steps (unless the engagement is longer).
  • Conduct a final review (360-verbal and/or online 360) to confirm results of coaching and find new opportunities.
  • We will create a follow-up support plan to help you maintain your changes and growth.
  • A 10,000 mile/km checkup is scheduled (approximately three months after our engagement) to check on what’s working and where you might still be stuck.

Executive Coaching is about Planning and Achieving Your Success

As an executive coach, I help you create thriving workplaces that result in extraordinary success, through Holistic, Values-Based Action Coaching, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), and Social Intelligence (SI) Coaching. WebPsych helps time-constrained executives and entrepreneurs become star performers by focusing on authentic, people-centered leadership. In working with my coaching clients, I use my extensive experience in human behavior and business to help them achieve their people and performance goals. My mission is to support you in transforming the world through your purpose and value system. I’m dedicated to being your partner as you overcome your struggles and challenges in order to unlock your fullest potential. My passion is to share my experience and training so that you can build a business and a life that is meaningful, impactful, and joyful.

Would You Benefit from Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching from WebPsych is best for extremely busy, high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to re-tool and master the most important tools for leadership – creating influence and impact, especially when the stakes are high.

You will benefit from coaching if:

  • You are not having the influence and impact you need to achieve your business goals.
  • Your team isn’t performing the way you need it to, or it isn’t getting your messages about the vision, mission, and needed actions, even though you’ve fully explained them.
  • Your results are being limited by behind-the-scenes positioning, silos, or dysfunctional communication.
  • You are in a new role and want to establish a strong leadership presence.
  • You know that your lack of clear and consistent accountability is preventing you from managing the human obstacles to achieving your goals.
  • You want to master leadership communication and get others on-board to supporting you in achieving the results you want.

* Psychotherapeutic issues are not appropriate for executive coaching with WebPsych. These situations include, but are not limited to, mental illnesses, traumas, anxiety or depression disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Executive coaching does not include psychotherapy. If during coaching a need for psychotherapeutic support arises, I will assist you in getting care from a different provider for those particular concerns.

What Does Executive Coaching Cost?

The cost for an executive coaching engagement depends on a variety of factors, such as the length of time to completion, type of coaching, the goals, assessments utilized, and other data collection needed. Once we establish those aspects of our work together, I will provide you with a proposal that includes cost and engagement details. All major forms of payment are accepted.

Where and When Can I Schedule an Executive Coaching Session?

Webpsych offers virtual/online executive coaching sessions, regardless of your location. If you prefer in-person sessions, they are available at my physical location, at WebPsych in the westside of the Los Angeles. Other options can be arranged when requested.

Coaching services are offered Monday through Friday with appointment availability from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time, including additional appointments available upon request.

Your next steps

Call now to discuss your current concerns and aspirations, and how WebPsych can partner with you to achieve your larger goals and vision.

Your unique situation, strengths, business and teamwork goals will be the starting point for our partnership and work together. Aspirational goals, along with a busy schedule, can be hard to achieve on your own. My job is to help you dramatically shift the odds of success in your favor, by helping you face the difficult patches and obstacles when the going gets tough, and using your strengths to propel you toward your vision. WebPsych will help you navigate your business path with more swagger in each step.

To schedule an appointment for executive coaching, call me at (310) 929-7896 or schedule here today.

Ultimately, intelligent communication, trusting relationships, and strong vision are the most important elements in achieving extraordinary, sustainable success in business and in life.
WebPsych will help you get there.

Why Choose a Coach who is also a psychologist?

Executive coaches typically come from either a business or a psychology background. Often, the most qualified, yet least common, are Psychologists, who have doctorate degrees, about 10 years of education, have performed thousands of hours with clients, have followed strict ethics codes, and have the greatest amount of training of the psychology professions and of any other profession in understanding human behavior, motivation, emotional intelligence, learning, and change. Most coaches have only a business background, though they may have walked in similar executive shoes as you, and that could be very helpful in areas like sales and marketing. Since there is currently no professional licensing requirement, anyone can call him/herself an executive coach.

Why Virtual Sessions?

Virtual coaching offers flexibility. If you’re in Los Angeles, getting away from home or the office, and simply sitting in our heavy daytime traffic often means cancelling appointments or arriving as we shake off the stress of getting to my office. If you need a face-to-face visit at any time, that is always an option. However, virtual coaching can be used in the midst of a jam-packed schedule, on vacation and during business trips.

Virtual coaching also allows my clients to work with me from anywhere in the world. This sophisticated platform offers every client greater continuity, ease and flexibility.